I absolutely love doing commissions for my customers! So please contact me if you love my style and would like to commission an artwork. Whether it be a bright patterned painting of one of Australia’s beautiful animals, birds, or a Vibrant floral, I would love to work with you to create something memorable that will last a lifetime.

Just go to contact me and let me know what you were after and I will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote. All commissions require a 50% deposit upon booking with the rest payable on completion.

Looking forward to hearing what fabulous creation we can come up with together!

Love Tanya :)


Price Guides 

Please note that prices may vary dependent on size and complexity. 

Mixed Media Painting Commissions all on stretched canvas.

50cm x 75cm / 60cm x 60cm          $890
60cm x 90cm / 75cm x 75cm           $1290
75cm x 100cm / 90cm x 90cm         $1690
                    90cm x 120cm             $1990
                  100cm x 150cm              $2390
Other sizes available. Just ask and I can provide you with a quote!